We get so much from the awesome communities we work in that we didn’t even hesitate at the opportunity to sponsor one of the Movies in the Park nights. I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy Godzilla and King Kong duke it out under the stars at Riverdale Park East?

Movies in the Park at Riverdale is one fantastic initiative started by The Auld Spot pub owner Nicole Hays (and she’s launching a new beer which is pretty awesome too). Thousands of people come out and enjoy the festivities each year and this year shouldn’t disappoint. Don’t worry just because we’re a sponsor doesn’t mean we’ll be all over the place selling you stuff. We’re just there to support Nicole and of course support the two wonderful charities that benefit from this awesome event.

1. Art City St. James Town – we just discovered this amazing charity.

2. The Boys and Girls club of Regent Park.

We’re all over this and can’t wait to see you there. We’re even going to introduce the first ever live action pre-screening by showcasing one of our dynamite listing videos!

Bring your picnic baskets and some blankets and we’ll see you there.