A lucky few have met him, many have heard of him, and now it’s time to get to know our furry office canine and official Spring Realty deal closer. He’s like good cop and bad cop all in one. Can be sweet and cuddly one minute then sharp and to the point the next. He makes us smile and keeps us in check. Had a bad month? Don’t expect Cody the Closer to lend a shoulder to cry on, he’ll ask you to keep your chin up and keep working! He’s developed quite the following and people are always asking about him. He’s just getting to know twitter so make sure you follow Cody the Closer on Twitter and if you want to give him a shout-out hashtag #CodytheCloser.

Cody the Closer has denied dozens of interview requests but we’ve finally got him! Without further ado, here’s the much anticipated Q & A with Cody the Closer:

Q: Tell the Spring Realty Blog readers about yourself.

A: As you already know, my name is Cody. I’m pretty sure I’m a Pug mixed with Beagle. Some people call me a Puggle. I tend to have a ton of energy so this line of work is perfect for me. We’re always going here and there, doing showings etc… so I get to burn a lot of energy. I also like to relax a bit so it’s nice to have a bit of down time at the office. Oh that reminds me, I’ve got to ask Ara to get me a doggie bed, that floor is pretty hard! When I’m not working I’m usually sleeping or playing with my pack at my favourite day care called Bark Place. You’ve got to check them out, they’re pretty cool. Anyway, we don’t have much time here so let’s get on with this interview. My girl Kira is waiting for me at the park.

Q: What made you decide to pursue a career in Real Estate?

A: Well, to be honest, I was consistently disappointed with the lack of furriness in the industry. Well, I guess some of those Armenian Realtors are pretty furry, but you know what I mean. The furry, four legged kind. You see, some realtors like to have us dogs in their marketing material but they don’t really take advantage of our closing skills. I can be pretty damn sweet when I want to be and it really takes the edge off during hardcore negotiations.

Q: What do you do in a typical day?

A: I stepped on a pine needle the other day so I’ve been spending a lot of my time licking my paw but that’s better now. Mostly, we’re in the office preparing comparables for client, training new agents, developing content for posts, viewing area homes so we can stay on top of availability. Ara and I are pretty good at zoning in on the right price to offer for a home. My cuteness also helps with getting info out of other Agents to help fine tune our approach. Not going to lie, we do go to the park a lot between showings and of course I need my beauty sleep under the desk too! Check out the Spring Realty Blogroll, there’s some pretty amazing content in there.

Q: What are your favourite neighbourhoods to visit?

A: As you may have read in my last blog post, I like to stick to the Leslieville area because there are so many awesome dog parks where by buddies hang out but I also love the West end. High Park and Roncesvalles have a lot to offer my kind too. We were recently in the Roncesvalles area and I was chillin with my buddy George in Roncesvalles dog park, not going to lie, it was pretty sweet! But Ara tells me it’s all about the school districts and we’ve got some of the best here in the East end.

Q: What are your goals for this year?

A: I’ve got this bone that I’ve been trying to chew through for over a year, I’d like to get through that by December. That is all.

Q: What are you most excited for this year?

A: Aside from getting though my bone I’m really exited about the Cody the Closer doggie bag campaign we’re launching today. If you’re walking around the parks in the East end you may notice my face with a few rolls of poop bags. Since we love our neighbourhood so much we’ve decided to do our part in keeping it clean and fresh! If you find yourself without a bag make sure you grab one of ours and scoop that poop! Here’s a sneak peak at what they look like.

Q: Tell us a bit about your personal life, you know, outside of Spring Realty.

A: I have a pretty active social life. To be honest, I’m not ready to settle down yet so I’ve been playing the field. Got a few babes on the side but I’m enjoying my time with my old lady, Kira. Don’t tell her but I do see Dolly the bulldog and Chase the whippet occasionally. Chase does yoga, know what I’m sayin? Anyway it’s getting late, I’ve got to go and firm up this deal on Brooklyn Ave in Leslieville before Ara has a conniption. Anything else?

Q: I think we’re pretty much done here but I do have one last question. Ever though of getting some dental work done?

A: Get out…do it now!

Well there you have it, the exclusive interview with Spring Realty’s very own Furkid, Cody the Closer. As you can see he’s got quite an edge to him but he adds an interesting flair to the Spring Realty office culture. He’s also become a integral part of the Spring Realty marketing plan with a new campaign launching very soon. Look out for his mug in east end parks in October. You can always reach Cody the Closer via Twitter or send him a message on the Spring Realty Facebook page.