Maple Leaf Tavern to become Leslieville’s hottest new resto!

Finally after a long long year of renovation the new owner of the Maple Leaf Tavern on Leslieville’s Gerrard Street East is nearly ready. As if we needed any more proof that Gerrard Street is the new Queen St. This should make it easier for us to get our buyers to understand we’re not simply blowing smoke up their ass when we tell them that homes off Gerrard Street are a good buy right now. Like this place we just sold.

We don’t have many details as of yet but we do know that the new owner is Pickering restaurateur, Todd Morgan of The Port Restaurant (a pretty badass establishment even though it’s in pickering) knows what he’s doing.

We’ll get you more info as it rolls in but for now. We’re happy to see Gerrard Street slowly dig itself out of a rut. It’s almost out!

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