Most homes in the Downtown Toronto area were built decades ago and never designed for cars. In fact, when some of these homes were built, cars didn’t even exist as a common consumer product. You lived, worked, played where you lived. Therefore most homes in the City do not offer a parking solution to accommodate modern day Toronto. Introducing, the front yard parking pad.

Most of us are familiar with this and if you’ve lived or visited anyone in the City you have likely parked in one, walked by one or have tried to get one added to your home. The City granted many of these permits over the years and homeowner proudly displayed their permits and parked happily ever after. One of the most common problems we come across when selling Toronto houses is when this permit hasn’t been transferred from owner to owner over the years or the permit was never renewed.

If you read the fine print, you’ll notice that most of these passes are non transferrable and must be reapplied for each time the land is transferred. Perhaps just another way for the city to collect revenue?  Well that would be the case if the City of Toronto was even granting any new parking pad permits. There are some streets in Toronto where the City isn’t renewing permits at all. What does this mean? All of those homes marketed and sold “with parking” may not actually have parking after all. Some of these spots have been used for 20yrs without a legal permit. Seems as though the City isn’t enforcing their ban on parking.

Now let’s take it to a whole new level. You thought dealing with a regular parking pad was a pain in the you-know-what? Try to get the City to Transfer a Disabled parking pad, these spots are installed on properties where the resident is deemed to be Disabled therefore requiring a space with this special designation. These pads are 100% non transferable. No questions asked, no appeals, not gonna happen.

From my experience if you live in a home that has a front parking pad that was once legal but the current home owner did not receive a transfer, it seems as though there is no enforcement and you are free to park (but keep in mind that you can be ticketed every day if some rogue meter beater goes on a rampage). If you would like to add a parking pad (Live in Ward 14, 18, 19, 20, 27, 28, 30? Forget about it!), you’ll may have to hire a special consultant to help “steer” the application though the City of Toronto application process if you can even get that far.

If you’re lucky enough to be in an area that is still allowing parking pads then here are the Fees associated with applying for one:

Non-refundable processing fee: $326.7- + HST
Permit for construction of parking pad: $132.49
Annual fee: Area: 1 ** $449.09 + HST
Area: 2 ** $340.70 + HST
Cost of ramp installation: varies – based on size of ramp and number of sidewalk bays affected (approx $6000)

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