Last week Toronto Life reported that the Ceili Cottage won’t be putting up their infamous yurt this season much to the surprise of local fans. The article didn’t mention why so we contacted Shucker Paddy himself and he said:

Landlord problems – “doesn’t like the yurt

Doesn’t like the yurt? Thanks Captain Buzzkill. What could be your reason for this? People having too much fun? Was there already enough awesome in Leslieville and you didn’t want there to be more? Did the Grinch visit you along with Mr. Scrooge and tell you to be a d**k this season?

Whatever the reason you’re wrong Mr. Landlord aka Mr. Buzzkill aka Mr. Nobodylikesyou.

GIVE US OUR YURT! People, sign this petition and let’s get this Landlord back on side.