Where is Bricktown?

Leslieville has had it’s boundaries expanded by many to include pretty much anything from the Lake to Gerrard from Empire Ave to Coxwell but we’re purists and like to think Leslieville is more of a Queen to Dundas thing from Empire to Greenwood (sure maybe Coxwell too).

Gerrard Street has its own identity with Little India east of Greenwood but now some land owners and businesses around the Gerrard and Greenwood community are calling this area Bricktown (sometimes Bricktowne). Since we’re still trying to confirm the exact boundaries, here’s what we think it should be.

These boundaries are based on the location of the actual brick yards from a century ago. Did you know Greenwood Park used to be a giant brick yard? It’s very likely that a lot of the local homes are made of bricks produces from that park. As well as the brickworks area off the Bayview Extension. That was the largest brickyard.

Prust to the West, the tracks to the North, a block south of Gerrard to the South and Highfield to the East. There you go. Tell your friends.

It feels like this area has been craving an identity of its own for a while now and Bricktown just seems to fit perfectly. Annexing into Leslieville just didn’t seem right and locals needed something to help them feel more connected to their awesome neighbourhood. So many amazing businesses are now flocking to Gerrard St. If you have any extra cash it’s time to buy up Gerrard Street commercial properties. We’re aggressively bullish on Gerrard Street (and Corktown) right now.

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