Toronto Condos up another 7.6%

We’ve been selling a ton of Houses at Spring but this here is all about Condos. In Q4 2013 and in the first month of 2014 we haven’t been able to keep a condo on the market for longer than one week. It’s been a long while since we’ve said that! It feels really good to see Toronto Condo buyers out in droves. Don’t take our word for it, check out the stats. This past December we were so excited to see a 20.7% increase in Condo sales year over year.ย 

We listed this gem last Wednesday and had it sold with multiple offers on Saturday. We haven’t had a multiple offer on a condo since right after the crash in 2009 when there was absolutely nothing on the market. Of course there have been other units sold with multiple offers that we weren’t involved in. (I know, can you believe we don’t sell every property in Toronto?)

Just to be clear, if your tenant has spent the past two years fist pumping holes into the ceiling you’re going to have to get that fixed and completely freshened up. Buyers are out there, but they’re not compromising on quality, cleanliness, and style. Some below average, cookie cutter condos are still not selling very well.

Toronto Lofts are still leading the pack with a lot of demand and condos in actual communities like Leslieville, Riverside, and some west end neighbourhoods are doing very well. Some interesting Lofts hit the market last week, see if you can find them using our epic search tool. We give you so much more info than the MLS ever could. Happy house hunting…and remember, we’re only an email away.