13 May 2014

Streetcar Developments buys the Broadview Hotel a.k.a. Jilly’s!

Riverside’s Streetcar Developments Buys Jilly’s aka New Broadview Hotel!

Streetcar buys Jilly’s? This calls for a BOOM! Fear not, local heritage hounds. This lovely building will be brought back to life by Streetcar. They have no plans for a boring residential development here. In fact, they don’t even know what they’re going to do yet. All they have said so far is that they will be restoring the building and addressing some major structural deficiencies in the coming months.

Les Malins, president and CEO of Streetcar Developments had this to say:

 “We will first be focusing all our efforts on making the building safe and restoring it to reflect its place in Toronto’s history.”

…Streetcar does not see this building as a residential condominium project. We are in the early stages of planning, but our focus is to revive this building to a landmark everyone in the area can be proud of.”

I can imagine a development similar to the Drake here. As many people have predicted this is likely what will become of the New Broadview Hotel. Whatever happens, finally, that filthy Jilly’s will be outa here! We’ll update you with more as the news comes in today.

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